In 2014 three people sharing the same views on a sustainable economy based on solidarity and social well-being gathered to discuss the development of a project that would allow for their dream to come true.

It took a great deal of hard work, enthusiasm, common goals and finally, in 2016, the Cooperative Together Lets Help the Community was created. This was also possible thanks to the many collaborators and volunteers who, to this day, participate in our meetings and contribute to making all initiatives special and unique.

The statute of the Cooperative states all of its objectives, which refer to distribution of bio-social products and services that are useful to people.  Its main goal is to reach out to all of those unfortunate minorities who do not have the possibility to give back to the community.

All of the Cooperative’s projects are created to raise public awareness with regards to equality, respect and reciprocal assistance to those less fortunate. Our objective is to spread values and concepts which create the basis for a community that should be active and involved in social issues.

Children are the core of all cultures thus our attention is directed mostly to them. With the help of experts and the collaboration of Institutions and local businesses we will introduce initiatives aimed towards raising consciousness on social issues.



The Cooperative focuses on a concept of social “Construction” with projects tied to working the land and all relative activities. This will send the message that we aim to improve all our surroundings. We have many developing projects that can only be fulfilled with the help of the community. Our intentions are strong, however, social change can only come to life with the support of Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations and Businesses who, we hope, share our same ethical values.

THC’s plan is to create a wide network aimed to develop the land’s potential thus leading to the creation of new jobs. All this will be granted through specific assignments targeted to underprivileged minorities such as prisoners, substance-abuse addicts, people with mental and physical disabilities and the needy in general.

With the help of the media THC is also involved in diffusing important social issues targeted to a younger audience ranging from the ages of 3 to 16. All of us truly believe that respect should be taught starting at a young age. However, the Cooperative’s presence merely sparks up interest that should then be ignited further within the family. Our work is complementary and acts as a support system to the teachings parents give their children.

The Agricultural strategy is to cultivate using humus, a natural organic compost deriving from earthworm digestion which has various important qualities. Our projects are based on essential concepts such as recycling, biological cultivation and preservation of land. Along with the community, our initiatives will also incorporate the collaboration of local schools. With the help of specific advertisement campaigns we will share our values on respect for our land and our society with the outside world.


Together let’s Help the Community!

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